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"pritidenta systematized zirconia for success.

Very few of the zirconia blanks on the market stand out as unique. pritidenta found a way with excellent, natural-looking results through CAM techniques. Nesting high or low is not new, of course, but nobody has gone this far to make sure the end results are consistent and predictable. Zirconia is becoming like consumer electronics; every new year brings upgrades and advances. Older models are excellent, but would you promote an iPhone 3 when an iPhone X is on the market? I am proud to say I not only sell this product, but I believe in this product because I use this product."


”A really reliable material in terms of color and precision. The optimized colors in priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor High Translucent mean I can easily achieve aesthetics results, even on fully anatomic crowns! The MPguide is really the star there. Great idea for spot-on communication between me and my dentists. It gets shade selection just right!”



"With pritidenta’s zirconium oxide High Translucent multicolor blanks and its extensive range we can achieve all our design capabilities when manufacturing aesthetic, fully anatomical restorations. The new color determination option is absolutely the right step! We were excited to be able to test it. We are very impressed at the precision and hit rate we achieved on adjusting the 16 VITA shades using 7 multicolor shades and bleach shades."



"We are fascinated by the results with the re-stained zirconium material. As a milling center this gives us a direct opportunity to more than fulfil the aesthetic expectations of our laboratories. The accuracy with which colors are determined is absolutely great. The colors match. The ability to mill single anterior crowns with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm using cubic, highly translucent zirconium oxide is a great advantage in terms of material quality and aesthetics. That really persuaded us. And we’re sticking with it!"



"Particularly when space is tight, we choose the new highly translucent pritidenta zirconium. With the integrated harmonious color gradient and the precise determination of colors that maps perfectly to the 16 VITA Classical shades, we find color reproduction to be assured and reliable. Using the MPGuide allowed us to improve communication with our customers even more and so to meet the increasing aesthetic demands for all-ceramic restorations."



"Even pritidenta’s earlier color settings were convincing. With the new, refined settings pritidenta has surpassed itself. The good material properties, perfect reproduction of VITA Classic shades, even the 3D-Master shades, and fantastic aesthetics of the materials make pritidenta our partner of choice for zirconium."



"I am really excited about the new stained zirconium materials! With the High Translucent multicolor shades I can cover indications up to three pontics. I can even work with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm on single tooth crowns in the anterior zone. A clear plus.
The aesthetics are just great with the optimized colors! "



"pritidenta High Translucent multicolor zirconium oxide is one of the most important contributory factors in our success. We make 98% of all our crowns and bridges out of zirconium using the latest CAD/CAM technologies. With pritidenta as partner we are now able to offer our customers throughout Switzerland with highly aesthetic restorations in the posterior but also increasingly in the anterior zone. With pritidenta’s hi-tech zirconia we can stand comparison with lithium disilicates. Working with multicolor zirconia allows us to implement our production processes in an extremely efficient and commercially appealing way. So we are also among the most innovative and fastest growing milling centers in Switzerland."


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