See the production of our zirconium dioxide materials.

That’s the way to do it.

priti®multidisc ZrO2 and priti®multibloc ZrO2 blanks are manufactured from formulations developed at our very own production site in the Eifel Region – “made in Germany”. The blanks are produced using a certified process of uniaxial compression followed by cold isostatic pressing. We don’t measure at batch level; each pre-sintered blank is measured individually with sintering shrinkage defined to 4 decimal places.

Download the production workflow as a PDF


  • priti®multidisc ZrO2 is available with or without a step and has a diameter of 98.5 mm, making it suitable for all open milling machines.

  • priti®multibloc ZrO2 is adjusted to CEREC/inLab systems, but can also be processed with any other open machine with a block-holding device.

  • With minimum wall thicknesses of just 0.4 mm anterior and 0.6 mm posterior, you’ll always have a safety margin.

  • All of our zirconium dioxide materials can be sintered simultaneously at 1,450°C. Any programmable open furnace is suitable provided it is designed for high temperature sintering (up to 1,600°C). Rapid sintering is also possible (bridges with up to 3 pontics).

  • Any stain and glaze permitted for zirconium dioxide may be used.

  • All full or partial veneering methods can be used without restriction, including cutback, with any ceramic mapped to the CTE of zirconium dioxide.

  • They can be fixed with phosphate cement or glass ionomer cement, or alternatively (self-)adhesive fixing material.