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All-ceramic restorations date back more than 100 years; around 1900 an American dentist invented the jacket crown. In the 1920s the technique became popular in Europe despite being complicated and tricky to apply. With the advent of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry in the 1980s, the foundation was laid for all-ceramic restorations becoming standard. Today there are a number of different materials available. Zirconium dioxide has shown the greatest potential.

At pritidenta everything revolves around this material: this is where our core competence lies, this is our passion. This is all we do - and we do it really well. This is down to internal research and development and manufacturing in-house, which are both done in Germany – and of course a great team.

The pritidenta philosophy

We develop products for dentists and dental technicians which combine highly aesthetic results with efficient manufacture and automation processes using CAD/CAM. Our aim is to offer our customers a cost-effective, high-quality solution.

pritidenta – Where does the name come from?

The first part of our name [priti] comes from the Indian word meaning: completion, beauty, pleasure in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is both a liturgical language and an ancient Indian literary and scholarly language. In Indian culture, Sanskrit has a similar significance to the Latin and Ancient Greek languages in Europe.

The second part of the name [ denta ] is an abbreviation of “dental”.


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