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staining and structural pastes


  • compact: highly aesthetic and fluorescent pastes, with only 20 components
  • effective: 1-firing solution is possible
  • controllable: Final colors are already evident during application

You can find ideas for personal finalisation in these videos.

All information about the pastes can be found in this flyer.

Mill your own shade guide! This is how it works:
A shade guide is helpful for shade selection on the patient. Mill the following data sets from zirconia and fire the priti®perfect pastes. 
Click here for the data set and the corresponing firing table.



priti®perfect stands for:

The staining and structural pastes priti®perfect are the perfect complement for a lively surface finish. priti®perfect addresses the 1-firing solution. Nonetheless, and depending on the case, the 2-firing solution or internal staining can also be selected. The final colors are already evident during application.


  • Zirconium dioxide
  • Monolithic zirconium dioxide
  • Zirconia layered ceramics
  • Metal layered ceramics
  • Lithium disilicate

step-by-step to the perfect finish


Condition the surface
1. Create the restoration as usual
2. Clean the surfaces
3. Treat surfaces with a little glaze/liquid mixture avoiding puddles.




Choose from two options:

a) Place the restoration in the furnace immediately. If necessary, finish and polish after firing.

b) When using structural pastes:

4. Keep briefly in ceramic furnace at 300 °C
5. Dry for 10 seconds
6. Finish surface with brush
7. Start firing program



Each furnace is different, therefore the parameters need to be adjusted according to the desired gloss level of the surface.
The rate of increase, the final temperature and the holding time must be adjusted for larger objects (20-30 °C).



Standard firing parameters
Pre-drying3 min
Starting temperatur450 °C
Closing time4 min
Rate of increase40 °C/min
Starting vacuum670 °C
Final temperatur775 °C
Holding time1 min