CORiTEC CoCr M6 disc

Brilliant Properties.

  • Type 4 Alloy (EN ISO 22674)
  • Excellent machinability
  • CTLE (α) 25-500 °C: 14,2 10-6*K-1

Suitable for veneering with all conventional metal-ceramics.


CORiTEC CoCr M6 is suitable for (e.g.):

  • thin veneered crowns

  • wide span bridges or bridges with small cross sections

  • partial & full arch dentures

  • clasps, bars, attatchments

  • implant retained superstructures


CORiTEC CoCr M6 disc is a NPM-disc based on Cobalt free from Nickel, Cadmium, Beryllium and Lead. Restorations can be veneered wit all common metal-ceramics with a suitable coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE).

Composition (wt%)Co: 63,0, Cr: 29,0, Mo: 5,8, Si: 1,2, (Fe, Nb, Mn): <1
Density8,2 g/cm3
Vickers hardness (HV 10)330
E-Modulus200 GPa
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) (10-6K-1)14,2 (25-500 °C), 14,4 (25-600 °C)
Melting range1290-1370 °C
Highest recommended firing temperature980 °C
0,2 % Yield Strength 610 MPa
Tensile elongation at break6,5 %


  • Avoid wall thicknesses of less than 0.35 mm
  • Design the connectors as strong as possible (height: at least 3.5 mm, width: at least 2.5 mm)
  • Please use suitable milling tools and cutting data according to the manufacturer's instructions for the dental milling machines. CORiTEC CoCr M6 disc can be machined with common CoCr strategies.
  • For veneering use commercially available dental ceramics for cobalt based metal alloys with a suitable coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
  • CORiTEC CoCr M6 is solderable and weldable.
  • Safety note: Metal dusts are harmful to health. Use a dust extractor. Consider allergic hypersensitivities to contents of the alloy. In case of suspected incompatibility with individual elements of this alloy it should not be used.



HeightOrder Number
10 mmCCMBR00010
12 mmCCMBR00012
13,5 mmCCMBR00013
15 mmCCMBR00015
16 mmCCMBR00016
18 mmCCMBR00018


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